All Saints Cathedral
All Saints Cathedral

A Centenary Celebration

In January 2012, All Saints Cathedral celebrated its 100th anniversary.

In his sermon, Bishop Ezekiel Kondo said:

"....Celebrate, Oh Church of God in the Sudan. Sing praises to the God of love. You are Messengers of peace and love. To our God, let your voices ring in the Sudan. Travel light on boats made of reeds. You may be, in the eyes of men, a simple weed, but you have endured for one hundred years!”
(a quote from Abe Enosa speech at the 100 years ECS celebration in 1999, But God is not Defeated, page. 15)...

We celebrated ECS centenary as one country, today we celebrate this centenary of All Saints when Sudan becomes two countries. Immediately after the independence of South Sudan, Sudan has put Christians as 3 percent of the total population of over 33 million. We may be, in the eyes of many, a simple weed, but we have endured for over one hundred years as ECS and one hundred years as Cathedral Community!

Last year for the first time in the history of the Sudan, some of our children could not celebrate Christmas with their families on Christmas Day because they had to be in their schools as there was no public holidays! This is because we, as Christians are considered to be only 3 percent and therefore, do not deserve for a public holidays even on a religious feasts like Christmas! I hope that our government will reconsider this unjust decision so that next Christmas our children will join us for Christmas celebration.

As Christians, we have hope in Jesus. We suffer from the injustice at present but we should have faith rooted and based on the hope of Christ Jesus. Suffering and pain may paralyze us and inhibit our desire to be. Hope tells us that life is somehow worthwhile in the face of evil and suffering irrespective of evidence of the contrary. In hope, says Isaiah Dau, we see the light at the end of the tunnel and that something good will come out of our suffering and there is reason to live. In hope we are saved (Rom. 8.24), hope does not disappoint us (Rom.5.5). as we celebrate this centenary, let us have this hope...

Now, Sudan is not the same as we knew it one hundred years ago due to the split, I am aware that there are going to be many tough challenges ahead in the next one hundred years, but I am also aware that our God is bigger than the challenges that lie ahead of us. The same God that sustained the Church for the last 100 years, will sustain it for the next 100 years.

Many people say, the Church has gone to the South with Southerners, but I say, the Church has been here in the Sudan before even it went to the South! The Sudanese eunuch in Acts 8: 26 to the end, bears witness to this fact. In this celebration I would like to say that our forefathers were here, we are here and our children and grand children will be here for the next 100 years to come and beyond...

In this Cathedral centenary celebration I would like to say, we strongly reject the notion that the remaining of the Sudan there is but only one religion, there is but one language, there is but one culture. Sudan will continue to be multi-religious, multi-langue and multi-cultural. I am aware that some of us may fall on the way as some of our forefathers during the past years, but some will reach the final destination of faith. We should have courage and face the future with the hope of Christ who is the author and the finisher of our faith...

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